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Making that crucial CONNECTION, whether it's meeting friends, a new client, a stakeholder in your community or a virtual conference call, it's about making it matter, CONNECTING THOSE DOTS, conveying the MESSAGE. How are you going to do that? I have a creative, established and vetted TOOLKIT...LET'S TALK.

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Annual Report

In every country, at every level, the COVID-19 pandemic tested the resilience of people — businesses and industries alike. The annual report conjures up a feeling of positivity and a "we can, together" mindset.​


VIP Activation Book

With a $33 million reclamation project turned new park, the eyes were on the "prize" at the VIP/Media event as well as the on-site activation (showcase) book



Hungry for Creativity

This annual campaign to boost local economies and drive diners through the doors covers everything from the appetizing great foods, to strong ROI. Traditional, digital, native, broadcast advertising, with video and an experience passport, with curated content and geo-tracking, in the mix.


All About the Brand

Logo design is an integral part of branding and creating and defining an impression, a moment, that important call-to-action. SUMMER CAMP was a fun and whimsical way to conjure all the great activities and feelings of camp. The award-winning design in the parks industry continues to be a fan favorite and is still in use, decades after introduction.



'My Best Friend's Wedding' and more

Great venues like Cuneo Mansion and Gardens (the backdrop for Julia Roberts and My Best Friend's Wedding) commands a great following. But first, you have to get them to take notice. This piece did the trick!


Make Your Connection

This multi-community piece was the "word" for all-things going on, from special events, school updates,  resources, outreach and the most robust and sought-after calendar-of-events. A redesign elevated the look, appeal, readership and downloads (2018-2020).